BedquiltDB, the JSON document-store built on PostgreSQL, has reached Version 2

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New Features

Query Operators

Go beyond simple match queries with these new query operators.

  • $eq: Equal to
  • $noteq: Not equal to
  • $in: In a list
  • $notin: Not in a list
  • $gt: Greater than
  • $gte: Greater than or equal to
  • $lt: Less than
  • $lte: Less than or equal to
  • $exists: Key exists
  • $type: Match against type
  • $like: String pattern match (as PostgreSQL LIKE)
  • $regex: Regex match (as PostgreSQL ~)

    'upvotes': {
        '$gte': 4,
        '$lt':  10
    'authorId': 'abcd',
    'metadata': {
        '$exists': True

    "title": {
        "$regex": "^.*Elixir.*$"

    "city": {
        "$notin": ["London", "Glasgow"]

sort and skip params for find_one

The find_one operation now accepts optional skip and sort parameters, just like its sister-operation, find.

    {"title": {"$like": "%Ruby%"}},
    sort=[{'upvotes': -1}],

$created and $updated sort options

Internally, BedquiltDB keeps track of when documents are created and updated. Now, you can sort by these hidden fields.

# returns documents in order of the time they were created
collection.find({...}, sort=[{'$created': 1}])

# returns documents in order of the time they were updated
collection.find({...}, sort=[{'$updated': 1}])

A new remove_many_by_ids operation

A glaring oversight, corrected. Enjoy bulk removal of documents via a list of _id values


Assorted Improvements

An Official Docker Image

Getting started with BedquiltDB is now even easier, with the bedquiltdb/bedquiltdb Docker image.

Even Better Documentation

The BedquiltDB Docs have been overhauled and updated, including an updated Guide

A New Website

Presuming this whole "internet" thing catches on, people will be thrilled with the new BedquiltDB Website


BedquiltDB is a super-cool open source project.

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